About Us

Inspired by a passion for the environment, sustainability and creating an active and outdoor lifestyle, The Mountain Dwellers was born. Further inspired by living in the mountains, and years of working in the mountains through fighting wildfires and planting trees, the mountains have become a large (literally and figuratively) part of our lives. 

We live in the mountains in beautiful British Columbia in a house we fondly call "The Mountain House". With nature at our doorstep and the joy that being on the mountains brings, this store was founded to inspire others to both embrace and respect the mountains by being active on them, but also recognizing that beautiful pristine natural places around the world are slowly disappearing. By moving outdoors, and creating a healthy lifestyle, we hope that folks become inspired to do more to save our beautiful blue planet. 

We donate 5% of our sales to charities around the globe to help keep natural places safe and thriving. 

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